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Shimadzu RadSpeed Auto Rad Rooms

"Best In Klas" Radiology Room

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Portable X-Ray: Shimadzu Mx7 Version

The new state-of-the-art mobile system from Shimadzu, the Mx7.

Angio/Cardiac Cath: Shimadzu Trinias F12 C12

The complete Angio/Cardiac Cath Package

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Omega ERCP

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Canon RadPRO Mobile 40kW Flex

Portable X-ray System with telescopic column for safe and easy transport and effortless positioning.

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R/F: Shimadzu Sonialvision G4

Shimadzu G4 R/F System

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RadSpeed Auto

Shimadzu RadSpeed Auto Installation in Florence, OR.

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DR Detectors

Check out the new Canon 701C DR Detector. We are the biggest canon DR dealer in the nation!

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Portable X-Ray:

RadPro Delinia 200

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Portable X-Ray

Angio/Cardiac Cath



Benefits of working with CORE

Quality imaging starts with a clear vision.


Core has remained a respected leader in the sale and service of radiological solutions since 2000 by being a proactive, accessible partner to healthcare providers throughout the Northwest.


Hands-on service and training distinguish the Core team in a highly competitive field because we truly care about the success of our customers and the long-term integrity of our relationships.


A constant focus on the industry enables Core to provide clients with immediate access to the most efficient and effective technologies, as well as the guidance to install only what is best for their practice and patients.

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