Expert Guidance

We provide top notch medical digital imaging solutions to hospitals, clinics and imaging centers in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Core can take your project from competitive bid to room planning, installation, training and service.

Innovative Solutions

Our close manufacturer relationships enable us to deliver advancements to our customers rapidly. We specialize in flexible, high performance Digital Radiography (DR), Radiographic and Fluoroscopic solutions and service.

Responsive Support

Service is the most visible difference between Core and other companies, because it's at the center of all we do. Expert staff with an average of more than 25 years in the medical imaging field work hard to provide education and fast, accurate resolution to any issue.

Since 2000, Core Medical Imaging has been steadily making a difference in the Northwest by providing healthcare professionals with leading-edge digital X-ray technology, along with the knowledge and support to ensure their imaging is as reliable and cost-effective as possible. We provide sales and service solutions to hospitals and clinics all across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Our main office is located on the northern end of Lake Washington in Kenmore, WA.

We believe that efficient, flexible, high-quality medical imaging is one clear path to better diagnosis, better treatment, and better health.

Core Medical Imaging does not build radiology equipment; we build relationships with practitioners, therefore our focus is squarely on our customer's needs. Our mission is to provide access to technology that will help them deliver the best possible care to their patients by enhancing their imaging capabilities in a fiscally responsible way.

Most of our competitors have a sales division and a service division. This is where we are fundamentally different; when it to comes to sales and service, there is no division. Core Medical Imaging is a group of professionals who know that working in close partnership with each other and our customers is in everyone’s best interest.

At Core Medical Imaging, all of our service engineers are highly trained, certified, and market tested. We specialize in the sale and installation of: DR Rad Rooms, CR, CT, Portable DR, R/F Rooms, PACS, and surgery C-Arms.

Core at a glance:

  • A market leader in DR with over 440 plates installed in the Pacific Northwest
  • Full-service solutions from competitive bid to room planning, installation, training and service
  • Can take your wish list for a cost-effective, efficient, state-of-the-art imaging center 
  • Comprehensive customer service and customized product solutions
  • Experience in retro-fits and antiquated as well as modern facilities large and small
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