Eastside Partnership Milestones: 100 RADspeeds Sold

News: Core Medical Imaging Eastside Partnership Milestones.

Core Medical Imaging (CMI) is very pleased to announce an order for the 100th Shimadzu RADSpeed X-ray System in the Pacific Northwest. This order, received in May, is from Overlake Medical Clinic. Twelve years ago, Overlake Medical Center was also the FIRST CMI RADspeed installation when we placed one in their ER in May 2005.

Is this a coincidence? Not really. It’s the latest milestone in a long-term partnership guided by a shared vision of how smart imaging technology can lead to greater patient care, efficiency, and growth.

CMI is proud of this relationship with not one, but two world-class healthcare leaders on the east side of Lake Washington: Overlake Medical Center in Downtown Bellevue and EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, Washington. Both facilities are ranked at the top in Washington State and nationally for patient satisfaction and quality care. They recently announced a partnership of their own called Eastside Health Alliance, a collaborative effort to advance high quality, cost-effective care.

This kind of forward-thinking transcends the equipment selection process, through to the choice of technology. Shimadzu’s RADspeed system is pushing the envelope in Digital Radiographic (DR) innovation with advanced features such as long bone imaging Speed Stitch and low dose patient imaging. The new RADspeed ProEdge is also on the cutting edge of one of the most exciting developments in patient-centered imaging technology: tomosynthesis.

Shimadzu RADspeed Pro

Shimadzu RADspeed Pro

The Overlake ER was updated with a new RADspeed in 2007. The original 2005 RADSpeed was moved to the new imaging area in the hospital in March of 2014. The room was fitted with a NEW, comprehensive Canon Wireless DR technology and looks and runs like a new system to this day - 12 years later! CMI attributes this longevity to a flexible, service-focused philosophy that is primarily concerned with building relationships and solving challenges. Over the years, Overlake has worked closely with CMI with site visits and has been a true partner in growth.In addition to the RADspeed systems, CMI has provided Overlake with 19 Canon DR Detectors, which has developed key provider-manufacturer partnerships that have withstood the test of time. CMI’s rewarding partnership with Evergreen Medical Center was forged with the very first US installation of a Canon DR panel back in October 1998.

In 1998, the cost of the brand-new DR technology was roughly 3 times what it is today. That and other factors compelled most providers to purchase CR scanners instead. However, there were healthcare providers (such as Evergreen) that had the vision to invest in the future and experience exponential growth in the number of patients they could serve, since DR more than doubles patient throughput over the older Film based and CR Technology.

In 1999, Evergreen went from 7.5 radiography rooms to just 3.5, yet grew exponentially in patient volumes. “Our goal has always been to help clients maximize their space and opportunity, the two most expensive considerations in a busy hospital system” says Jon Jacobson, President and Founder of Core Medical Imaging.

Today, Evergreen has a total of 24 Canon detectors, some of which are still running from the first use back in May of 2000, 17 years ago!

CMI Founder Jon Jacobson looks at it this way, “If you get 10 years out of a well-maintained car you’re happy; if you get 17 years you are ecstatic.”

The original 1998 detector now resides in CMI’s training center, where the Core Care Service team keeps it working perfectly on Windows NT Software - just because they can.

Evergreen just opened the new EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedics Institute, which will have two high end RADspeed system with High Speed DR stitching in Orthopedics. They also just opened a Clinic in Mill Creek and one scheduled for Kenmore - right up the street from CMI Headquarters.

Like Overlake, Evergreen also helped CMI with site visits back in 2000 when most people were still purchasing CR. From the original sale to Evergreen in 1998, CMI has installed and received orders for over 500 Canon DR Panels throughout the Pacific Northwest.

With a $3B R&D investment in 2016 and the purchase of Toshiba Medical Systems, Canon is demonstrating a substantial commitment to Medical Imaging that promises many more breakthroughs in the future.

Today it is well known that the future is DR, but back in the early days it took leaders with courage to change to DR technology even though it was more expensive than the CR alternative. We believe both enterprises invested wisely over time and we thank them for their trust in learning and growing together with us.

It’s safe to say that Core Medical Imaging would not have grown to where we are today without these two visionary Eastside partners.


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