Service Comes Full Circle For The Everett Clinic


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December 13, 2016

Service Comes Full Circle For The Everett Clinic.

Eleven years later, Core replaces the Canon DR GE retrofit system at the Gunderson Orthopedic x-ray facility with their first fully robotic Shimadzu RADspeed Digital Radiography two-plate room.

Why are we so excited to tell you about this? For starters, it’s always rewarding to help Washington’s largest multi-specialty clinic drive medical innovation and excellence in patient care. But beyond that, we’re also extremely proud to say that Core Medical Imaging now has installations in every Everett Clinic healthcare facility - bringing the total to 14 rooms.

Coincidentally, this RADspeed installation was completed 11 years to the day after the Core Service team completed the earlier Canon digital upgrade - our very first Everett Clinic installation - on October 26, 2004, in the same room at Gunderson.

Michele Olsen, Imaging Supervisor at The Everett Clinic, explains how their partnership with Core adds value over time. “When we installed the Shimadzu RADspeed auto digital room at Gunderson Ortho, Core Medical Imaging was on board to relocate the Canon DR from 2004 and install it at our Snohomish site, which then converted our last CR site to DR - a great accomplishment for The Everett Clinic.”

The Shimadzu RADspeed, with its advanced auto-positioning and dose-reducing collimator filter, is a true wonder of modern DR technology. Since a variety of procedures can be performed with the push of a button, it removes much of the physical burden from technologists, potentially reducing L&I claims.

“Everett Clinic is one of our best customers, and they decided they wanted to upgrade a room to DR,” said Rich Peters, Director of Service at Core Medical Imaging. “Once they found out how much the dose is reduced and how it made their life easier, they decided to move on and start upgrading other sites.”

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing for Everett Clinic since 2004, performing more than a dozen installations and upgrades at Marysville, Mill Creek, Smokey Point, Lake Stevens and all of the client’s other facilities. The truly unique aspect of these projects is that almost every one of them has involved redeploying existing equipment and resources to advance capabilities at each site, which has greatly extended the return on their initial investment. As a result, our partnership with Everett Clinic, which became part of DaVita, Inc. in March 2016, has become one of trust and added value that is truly unique in an industry that tends to be focused on the sale.

“This project was very carefully thought out and Core quickly put it into action. Patients were not affected by this project with the assistance of Core Medical imaging having a portable DR machine to rent. We were able to stay up and running at each site during the upgrades.”

- Michele Olsen, Imaging Supervisor, The Everett Clinic

Rad rooms are typically in service for 10 to 15 years, but are rarely maintained properly due to the lack of a qualified and dedicated local service partner. When it comes time for an upgrade in technology, the recommendation tends to be total replacement. However, we find that this is often an unnecessarily expensive and wasteful solution.

Core Care Service is designed to extend the life of DR systems and maximize the usefulness and re-usability of their components. The flexible solutions the Core team offered Everett Clinic’s facilities resulted in cost-effective upgrades across the entire system that they would not have achieved with a different vendor. Another hallmark of Core’s customer-first service approach is what we call the “rent-a-room,” an onsite portable that we supply for the duration of the remodel.

Next up for the Everett Clinic is the replacement of the existing equipment at Harbor Point and Founders, as well as new RADSpeed/Canon rooms in Edmonds and several “small box” clinics.

We at Core are honored to have spent the last dozen years supporting the Everett Clinic’s mission of “doing what is right for each patient.” According to Core President Jon Jacobson, this flexible, client-focused approach came from asking our clients one simple question: “How can we be better?” Our partnership with the imaging staff at Everett Clinic has indeed been a major influence on Core Medical Imaging becoming the best company we can be.

“We have a great relationship with Core Medical Imaging," said Olsen. "They have been a key component in helping us move existing equipment to better fit our volumes at different sites."

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