Introducing the e-view and e-view MP Fluoro System – X-ray imaging for GI/ERCP and image guided endoscopic and GI procedures. Rather than modifying an existing imaging platform, such as a mobile C-arm, Omega has developed a completely new system concept, optimized for guidance in ERCP and GI procedures. The result is "best in class" performance in a completely integrated solution. From the integrated C-arm, table, and imaging system to top of line scatter radiation protection – it’s about ease of use, integration and safety .But it’s also about developing an environment which benefits everyone – Fully configurable elevating monitor booms deliver strain-free, eye-level viewing; our exclusive above-the-table flat panel and under-table lead shielding provide an added level of radiation protection to you and your team; the specially-designed tables intuitively allow better patient positioning and are height-adjustable; shock-absorbing floor mats offer physicians, nurses and technicians comfort and flexibility; powered C-arm and table move where you want them, providing unlimited sight flexibility to deliver therapy. Our exclusive 800-pound capacity table (with extra width) accommodates all patient shapes and sizes; when fluoro is not needed, the C-arm swings completely out of the way for full patient access. All of this allows for seamless, patient-focused care.The original e-view is the Gold Standard for ERCP Fluoro systems… It’s powerful, refined, compact and cost effective.

Product Features

  • Exclusive Scatter Radiation Protection
  • ERCP Motorized Table for Patient Positioning
  • C-arm easily pivots out of the way for Full Patient Access
  • Increased Visibility with Large Field of View Flat Panel
  • Remarkable Image Quality
  • The e-view MP is Multi-Purpose offering more flexibility and built on the success of the e-view platform. The e-view MP is the only system on the market designed to handle the most complex endoscopic therapies along with a comprehensive array of other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
    The e-view MP is equipped with all the great benefits found in the e-view along with:
    • An Expanded Procedure Portfolio
    • Serves a Diverse Population

Product Specifications

  • Generator :
  • kW Output 50kW
  • Max kV Radiographic 150 kV
  • Max mA Radiographic 630 mA
  • Max kV Fluoroscopic 125 kV
  • Max mA Fluoroscopic (pulsed) 75 mA
  • Pulsed Fluoroscopy rates (pulses per second) 3.75, 7.5, 15, 30
  • X-Ray Tube:
  • Anode type rotating
  • Anode speed/diameter High speed/4"
  • Heat Unit rating 600 kHU
  • Focal spot sizes 0.3mm - 0.8mm
  • Heat dissipation rate, kHU/min 29 kHU/Min
  • Collimator :
  • Auto-collimation to field size Yes
  • Auto-collimation to SID Yes
  • C-Arm Positioner :
  • Motorized CC and RAO/LAO angulation Yes
  • Table side motorized control module Yes
  • Rotational Floor Mount Yes, +90 degrees
  • Motorized Variable SID Yes
  • SID range 33.5" to 43.6"
  • Tilting/ Elevating Table:
  • Table top dimensions 27" x 84"
  • Digital Imaging Chain :
  • Field of View/ Image Intensifier size 14" standard
  • Image Intensifier mag modes 11"/9"
  • Advanced 1K2 CCD Yes
  • Connectivity and Storage :
  • Hard drive storage size 80GB
  • CD Burner with embedded viewer Yes
  • DICOM 3.0 Yes
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