Ideal for military field use, mobile/ambulatory services, or surgery suites, the RadPRO® Soltus™ 100 Mobile Digital X-Ray System folds into a compact configuration for easy transportation or storage. When in use, the unit is powered with a 20-foot line-in cable and exposures are handled by a 10-foot hand switch. Highlights like a user-friendly touch screen, manual collimator, and digital flat panel are complemented with short exposure times and the fast imaging acquisition demanded in the field.

Product Features


  • Mobile X-ray unit can be packed away for rapid transport to any situation requiring instant X-ray imaging
  • Field deployable unit used by military, first responders, and humanitarian organizations
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver
  • Available with wired or wireless Canon CXDI digital detectors (sold separately)
  • Product Specifications

    • Generator Frequency High frequency 300 kHz ripple
    • Maximum Power 4.0 kW output
    • Line Compensation Automatic Compensation from 90 to 264 VAC 50/60 Hz
    • Generator Power Compensation Yes, Automatic
    • Self Diagnostics Yes, with error code indication
    • Easy Connectivity Line-In Cable 20 ft (6M), Handswitch Cable 10 ft (3M)
    • kVp Range 40 to 125 kVp, in steps of 1 kVp
    • mA Range 5 to 100 mA
    • Exposure Time Range 0.001 to 10 seconds
    • mAs Range 0.1 to 250 mAs, in 34 steps of 25% increments
    • Collimator Manual w/ luminous indication of the field
    • Line Requirements 24 Amperes @ 110 VAC 12 Amperes @ 230 VAC
    • Fixed Anode Dual focal
    • Anode Angle 14°
    • X-Ray Tube Spot
    • Anode Heat Storage n/a
    • Small Focus .02 in (0.6 mm)
    • Capacity 40,000 hu
    • Large Focus .06 in(1.5 mm)
    • Maximum Height (focal spot to floor) 81.5 in (207 cm)
    • Minimum Height (focal spot to floor) 15.1 in (38.5 cm)
    • Maximum Height of System 89.3 in (227 cm)
    • Weight 45 Kg/99.2 lbs
    • Power Line Operation Single-Phase, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Line voltage automatic compensation: +/-10%
    • Power line cable of the Portable Unit: 6 m/19.68 ft
    • Connection to standard outlets with GND that accompanies local regulations
    • Wired Options :
    • Compatible Digital Detectors (Wireless) Canon CXDI 501C
    • Grid Yes (Optional)
    • Wireless Options :
    • Compatible Digital Detectors (Wireless) Canon CXDI 701C/801C. Standard Components: Sensor unit, Battery charger, (2) Batteries, AC/DC cable, X-ray interface unit, IR sensor unit
    • Wireless Standard IEEE 802.11n
    • Grid Yes (Optional)
    • Options:
    • Military Style Case Yes (Optional)
    • Compatible Digital Detector (Tethered) Canon CXDI 501C
    • Grid(s) Yes (Optional)

    RadPRO-Soltus100 Brochure (pdf)

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