Shimadzu Sonialvision Safire 17


The continuing evolution of the Sonialvision has unlocked a new world of digital imaging. This state-of the-art digital unit fully capitalizes on the superb performance of Shimadzu's Safire direct-conversion flat-panel detector (FPD).

Product Features

2880 x 2880 Matrix Original Quality Image Acquisition

Only Shimadzu’s direct-conversion FPD is capable of handling 2880 x 2880-matrix ultra-high-definition images. A cutting-edge digital system directly processes and stores these high-precision images at the original capture quality.
Also, this new digital radiography unit is designed around the highly reliable Windows® operating system, which makes the rapid processing of high-definition images possible using simple operations. The graphical user interface and mouse provide an intuitive operation environment that is easy to learn and easy to use.

17-inch FPD Covers a Large View Field

The 17 x 17-inch maximum view field applies the extremely high definition and density resolution of the direct-conversion FPD across an area equivalent to 14 x 17-inch film. The large distortion-free view field means only minimal positioning movements are required. This ensures trouble-free handling of diverse examination regions, including orthopedic procedures and abdominal imaging of the stomach and large intestine.The increasing use of IVR treatment requires a system that can offer both high image quality and low exposure dose. The SONIALVISION Safire 17 with direct-conversion FPD meets this requirement by incorporating an exposure reduction mechanism matched to the high image performance of the FPD. These two technologies work in tandem to achieve an overall balance between high image quality and low exposure.

Parallel Processing Improves Throughput

The system's use of concurrent processing allows the writing of image data to and reading from a CD-R disc even during fluoroscopy and radiography. If desired, images can also be transferred to a Viewer and printed to film. Each type of processing is made as independent as possible to shorten the wait time required for peripheral, non-examination processing. The result is an improvement in overall throughput, producing a more efficient examination environment.

Wide View Field and Long Stroke Cover a Large Examination Area

The FPD's wide 17-inch view field combines with the large longitudinal stroke of the Sonialvision system to cover an extensive imaging area. Furthermore, the table's heavy-duty design supports a patient load of up to 318 kg (700 lb) in the horizontal position. This is the best in its class.

FPD Applications: Providing New Clinical Value

Our effective combination of a highly flexible table, a large view field and high-resolution images from our 17-inch FPD, all applications born from creative thinking, provides you with a greater clinical advantage.

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Product Specifications

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