The E24C is a compact 24cm x 30cm version of the E14C detector that is ideal for small anatomy and pediatric imaging.

Product Features

Superior small anatomy imaging

- Optimal portability, light weight 24 cm x 30 cm

- Low dose examinations

- Automatic Exposure Detection

- (AED) technology 


E-Series Detectors

  • Capture sharper images with more detail and lower patient dose
  • Minimize the need for repeat exposures with exam specific image processing algorithms
  • Optimize your workflow with detector integration flexibility designed to accommodate varying technologist work routines
  • Improve workflow efficiency with full generator integration which gives the technologists the flexibility to view
    images and adjust their techniques from multiple locations

    DELWORKS E-Series, state-of-the-art DR solutions, include portable wireless and fixed detector options with Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillators. E-Series detectors are configurable for single, dual, or multi-detector applications. 

Product Specifications

  • Specifications :
  • Detector Size 27cm x 33cm
  • Active Area 24cm x 30cm
  • Type Wireless
  • Scintillator Cesium Iodide
  • Pixel Pitch 148µm
  • Spatial Resolution 3.5 lp/mm
  • Pixels 1,646 x 2,057
  • Bit Depth 16 bit (A/D)
  • Image Preview 1 second
  • Image Display (QC) 6 seconds
  • MTF 61% @ 1.0 lp/mm
  • DQE 66% @ 0.05
  • Weight 3.5lb (1.6kg)
  • Battery Life up to ten hours

Del Medical E-Series DR Brochure (pdf)

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