Literature (28):

Trinias Today- Optimal C-Arm Angle During DCA by Linking 3DCT and Angiography Systems

Maoto Habara
Department of Cardiology, Toyohashi Heart Center, Aichi, Japan

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Challenging of Contrast Agent-Free Endovascular Treatment using 3D Imaging

Amane Kozuki
Department of Cardiology, Osaka Saiseikai Nakatsu Hospital

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Trinias Today- Minimally Invasive Vet with SCORE RSM Frequency Subtraction

Maoto Habara
Department of Cardiology, Toyohashi Heart Center, Aichi, Japan

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Clinical Experience Using Shimadzu’s Latest Bi-Plane Angiography System for Cerebral Intervention

Hideyuki Ishihara
Neurosurgery, Yamaguchi University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

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Minimally Invasive Procedure in Practice- Efforts by Mimihara General Hospital

Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation

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Making Best Use of Trinias Applications for Lower Extremity Interventional Procedures

Yasuhiro Takahashi
Department of Cardiology, The Fraternity Memorial Hospital

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Achieving Minimally Invasive Treatment

Due to an increasing complexity and sophistication of percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs) in recent years, there is a demand for angiography systems that can reduce exposure doses and contrast media usage, and shorten examination times. Shimadzu's latest Trinias series MiX package angiography system includes a variety of original

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Using the Trinias Series Mix Package for Minimally Invasive Treatment

Yutaka Hikichi, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Saga University

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Experience of Using BRANSIST Safire Dual-Plane System

Mr.Toru Hiraoka
Department of Radiology, Oita Red Cross Hospital

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Improvement of Functions Supporting Neuro-IVR

Yoshiaki Miura
Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation

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Experiences Using an Angiography System with a 17 x 17 Inch FPD - CT-Like Imaging Neck and Abdomen

Mr. Ichiro Sakamoto,
Department of Radiology,
University Hospital,
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

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Power of BRANSIST safire in Neuroendovascular Therapy

Mr.Suguru Ueda
Department of Radiology, Kinki University Hospital

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Clinical Utility of RSM-DSA for Lower Extremity intervention

Mr.Kazuaki Kataoka
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Kansai Denryoku Hospital

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